Visiting the Creswick Spinning Mills

The Creswick Mill

It's huge

and the selections are overwhelming

Doing s brisk business

What is it?

Could I use that?

That is neat

Go get it

wonder what that is?

Do I need another Hat?

or a jacket?

hallo Ted

Mass production

the treatment of whool

Parade while waiting our turn to get in

Huge weavingmachines

bobbins of yarn

socks, scarfes. beanies---

the story of the yarn

the spinning mill

Stacks of yarn

the bobbins disconnect when they are full and have to be replaced

colouring and toning

Could be an Office

delicate weighing equipment

A Visitors Book

Looks like Noodles

Another quick look at the bargain Table

Another look back

Would that make a nice Present?

But it is so much fun to browse

we really should go

Look, there is a free cup of Coffee


Last Updated  18 April 2014