March Meeting Report
Syllabus subject: Radio Astronomy in the ASV
Speaker Clint Jeffrey, Section Director
While the stage was being set for Clint Jeffreys presentation the Astronomical Tourist for the evening gave us a guided tour through Tycho Brahe’s Denmark (see Map).
Accompanied by Dr Fred Watson from the AAT Observatory, a large group of ASV members made a visit to the island of Vhen and the site of Tycho Brahe’s Uraniborg (see Solar System Model). The Stjerneborg Museum houses many of the original instruments Brahe used (see photo), and many pictures and drawings, under reconstructed domes. The group posed for photos under the watchful eyes of a monumental statue of the famous astronomer (see photo).
A sentence, taken from Clint Jeffrey’s Home Page, to me, sums up Clint’s seemingly endless energy: ‘I do admire those individuals in the world that follow their dreams and make a worthwhile life for themselves....’ Each one of the more than half a dozen projects he touched on during the evening’s presentation would for me have been a full-time job. The "Leon Mow Dark Sky Radio Observatory” Internet Home Page says it all (see picture): A Weather Station (see Weather Page); a Lightning Monitor; Jovian Radio Signal Receiver; A Very Low Frequency Monitor; a Magnetometer; a Cosmic Ray Receiver; a 21cm Hydrogen Line Receiver; a Solar Activity and a Meteor Monitor with all the individual, specialised antennas and the associated recording and information storage facilities. Clint certainly has wideranging dreams! He showed us a life Internet log-in to the graph recorders (see Internet via Satellite) and the incident monitors, weeding out false signals in the absence of confirmation from multiple receivers (see Image). His personal anecdotes, such as meeting Australian Astronaut Andy Thomas were a delight, and his wish-list include thing like Earthquake monitoring and analysing equipment.

For a comprehensive report on the activities of the Radio Astronomy Group refer to Clint Jeffrey’s Article in the previous CRUX Issue.