May Klassentreffen Bayswater Hotel
In an endeavour to keep the spirit of the Klassentreffen alive, nine of our 1931-32 group met on 2 May for an informal lunch at the Bayswater Hotel. There was Horst and Irene Blaich, Kurt and Doris Katz, Peter Hornung, Theo and Susan Graze, and Alfred and Ursula Klink.

The Lunch was delicious, and no sooner finished, the talks turned the subject stimulated by the latest publication of “Templer Talk” and its featured articles on the future of the Temple Society Australia, the declining membership, lack of motivating projects and its pessimistic outlook: All of 15 more years is one of the frightening options in the Rainer Busch report mentioned in Renate Beilharz’s reflective challenges. Is our ageing population all that holds us together? Renate wants to arrange meetings with younger members (under 75 years old) to discuss other options.
It was a wake-up call to us oldies. The previous generation created all the Community Halls, Bowling Alleys, Tennis Courts, Altersheim. What did our generation miss doing to let this creative spirit fade away? Did we not also have multiple proposals to create community activity? What happened to the Templer College, the Boronia Hall U3A development, the Templer Village, the original “Templer Temple” proposal in Bayswater, including Offices and a Public Library? What could explain this dwindling preparedness to take financial risks in our Templer Community? Perhaps it was the end of reparation payments for our Palestine properties (Palästina Geld) that marked the change?

It was a wide-ranging and lively discussion. Susan mentioned other apparent changes in today’s society: the decline of practices of family values, the disappearance of reference to family name (maiden name) when talking of married women (geborene ...). Horst pointed out the dwindling Templer population in Bayswater itself, now apparently down to four families. Peter recited a Swabian poem about a Seagull called Emma in a white coat.

A friendly hotel waiter offered to take a group photo of our table, see picture below. We were the last people leaving the hotel and agreed to meet again in November this year.

Group Photo