Dr Gerhard Wagner passed away in the early hours of Wednesday morning 04/10/2006, after being diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia only a few days prior. He would have turned 80 late next month. A service commemorating Gerhard's life was held in the Templer Community Chapel in Bayswater on Wednesday 11 October.


Gerhard is survived by his wife Elisabeth and their four children Irene, Philip, Michael and Christine, with their respective families. Gerhard's four siblings - Irene, Margrit, Theo and Liselotte (Lilo) in Germany - have all passed away.


Sincere condolences to the family.


A few pictures from the Memorial Service in the Templer Community Chapel (filled to capacity) are shown below.

Temple Society Elder Mark Hermann conducting the Service

The Front Row at the Service

The Younger Generation


Granddaughter Violin Solo

Grandson plays Fuer Elise, (Click to hear)

Son Michael Wagner

A full Chapel