Hans & Gretl Hornung and their memorable Golden Wedding Anniversary Celebration

Some 150 persons, kids, young people, parents and some like us, not so young anymore, joint in a joyful celebration of Hans and Gretl's Golden Jubilee on 30 January at 3pm. Not just brothers, sisters, cousins aunts and uncles, nearly all of us were in some way related to each other; proving once again that courious adage that with six degrees of separation you can span the globe. The functionality of the Bayswater Hall to adapt itself to whatever the occasion was, proven again as everyone was accommodated on neatly prepared tables for coffee and cake in the afternoon and again in the evening for Kartoffelsalat und Wuerstle. There were speeches and acknowledgments and there was music and singing; there were slide shows of historic wedding photos and people and places, and the inevitable reminiscences and reflections. Short family sketches kept us entertained and the afternoon passed all too quickly. A fabulous piece was the Hans & Gretl Ballade, composed and presented impromty on the piano by Richard Hornung.

All-together a monumental festivity that must have taken lots of time and goodwill for its preparation. Well done.
It was good to see that the event was being captured on video by Manfred for posterity.

A few snapshots I took on the day are shown below:

Bayswater Hall Settings

An appreciative Audience

Family Fun



Hans & Werner


More Family Fun

Herman & Helga

Strups Family

Ilse & Helmut

Sustenance Angels




The Ballade

Heinz & Andrea

Wedding Day Video

Most Senior of the 21 grandchildren of Gotthilf and Kathrina