The German Fest 9 September at the Immigration Museum Melbourne

Below is a series of snapshots taken at the Immigration Museum Exhibition on Sunday 9 September. Just about every group involved in German language activity was represented, but we, of course, where mainly concerned with the Templer exnibits and their activities. The Templer Tapestry, a wallhanging some 3m high and 3m wide, was an imposing sight, even when incomplete, as it still is. Set up days before in a tasteful Templer German School environment it was, together with the Patchwork Quilt  a truly outstanding sight. The deep colours of the material and the multitude of scenes from the Templer history provided an attraction and conversation theme all day long. On a table next to it were brochures and other informative material with two members in attendance to answer the inevitable questions.

The large vacant area outside at the rear of the Museum was covered with hundreds of chairs and a stage on which entertainment was offered to the crowd all day long. Apart from the Templer Choir there was the Liederetafel Arion and others. Volkstanz und Zieharmonika, and food and drink tents with Brezel und Bratwurst lent more continental flavour. The Museum itself was filled on all floors with exibits and games from all the groups. A Play on Martin Luther was presented, speaches were held and awards handed out. Dr Uhlenbruch spoke of the long and creative union between the AGWS and the Templers, and of the Tabulam and Templer Homes expansions. The crowd was large and everywhere. The many friendly Museum attendants (dressed in black) had their hands full in keeping things moving. Normally, we were told, the Museum has about 400 visitors on open days; more than 3000 came to the German Fest on Sunday!

Welcome Smiles

The Wallhanging Tapestry

Annette before the Show

The Templer Choir

Enjoying the Show

Liedertafel Arion

The combined Choirs


Faces in the Crowd

Behind the Scenes

Rainbow Hour



The Teachers

Tapestry with Dr Schreiber

with Glenks

Helga in the picture

Sawatzky Family

Dr Uhlenbruch

Diana and baby

Deutsche Schule Melbourne