Sarona Open Day in Tel Aviv

We have received a series of photos from this occasion from Helmut Glenk, together with the comments below.
The interest in the Templers and their achievements is continually increasing amongst the Israeli population:

On a glorious spring day, with the old jacaranda trees in full blossom, newly laid lawns and flower beds and hanging baskets lining some of the streets over 2500 persons visited Sarona Park. As part of the Israeli National Preservation Week and the Tel Aviv City Council Open House Week-end, the Society for the Preservation of Historical Sites in Israel held an open day in Sarona. (This society with its Director, Tamar Tuchler, where at the forefront to save Sarona from the developers).  This attendance far exceeded the expectations of the organisers. Seven key information stations were set up and staffed by persons with background knowledge of Sarona. Guided tours were conducted and numerous display stands were set up at key points. The wine cellar was opened and chairs arranged inside and information session given. I understand the restored Steller house was also open for inspection. None of the other homes and buildings were open.
There is also a "slide show" on the web of this day which you may find interesting. The website is  (it requires a fast download capacity; ak)