The 2007 Templer Sommerfest in Bayswater

On 18 March, with perfect weather, good food and lively entertainment the 2007 Templer Sommerfest was a delight for everyone. For 50 years the magic of Sommerfest has managed to attract record crowds every year. First staged by the Younger Set of the Temple Society, the 'Jugendgruppe' in 1957, as a fundraising event, it soon became an annual occasion to meet informally with Country Victorian and Interstate friends under the canopy of the Bayswater 'Waeldle'. Football and Tennis competitions have given way to more leisurely tractor hay-rides for the kids and fancy dress parades, but the old spirit of participation is still there.  

Below are a few highlights caught on Camera:

    The Service

The Music

Our father...

Ein Wieder-Erkennen

catch the bubbles

Kartoffelsalat & Wuerstla

The Hat Parade

Facing the Judges

Fun on the Trampoline

A look behind the Scenes

Tapestry Display

Lunch-Yime Queue

When irish Eyes are smiling


And they're off!


It's not easy

Tapestry Tid-bits

Tapestry Progress Viewing

Tent City

The Chess Challenge

Bandstand in the Park- Click for a short Sample

Brisk Bussines at the Hay-Rides

Painted Faces