Community Sommerfest in Bayswater

After the longest and hottest dry-spell in the State of Victoria's history, the rain was pouring on Saturday before the Sommerfest. On Sunday 15 March it was overcast with a fresh wind, but little or no rain forecast. The Sun even came out during the morning Service while the Choir was singing "Die güldne Sonne voll Freud und Wonne..." and the traditional "Geh aus mein Herz und suche Freud...".

The Chapel was less than capacity full, but the crowd swelled as Brezel and Lunch (Kartoffelsalat und Würstla) went on sale. Afterwards a large selection of entertainment was on offer and the kids had great fun with Sack-hupfen, Egg-run, Seil-Ziehen and Schubkarren Rennen, Face Painting, Animal on the Move and Bubble Blowing. For the stout at heart the Tower of Terror challenged with Bungy Jumping, Absailing and Rock-climbing - No Limits. 

Many people set up their tables amongst the trees below the Festwiese, not quite sure whether to seek the sun for warmth or shelter under the trees from the occasional drizzle. The veranda along the Bowling Alley was a popular compromise retreat. A selection of old-time German Soldatenlieder Musik was particularly well received. Our thanks to the Microphone Tent.     

It was a fun day with lots of opportunities to meet new people and to renew old acquaintances. A cross-section of snapshots are shown below.


Sommerfest Service

Die Gueldne Sonne voll Freud und Wonne

Sale of Lunch and Brezel

Hot Dogs are a must

Big Bubbles - No Troubles

This Plant looks nice

Lunch under the Trees

Family Picnic

Hayrides are very popular

All aboard for the next Ride

And still enjoying Sommerfest

A Toast to the 2009 Sommerfest

Picnic under the Trees

How much for that

What do you think

Now listen all you Guys

Sack-Hupfen - wait for me

Ready, Set  -  Go

Egg-on-the-Spoon Race

I wonder what it tastes like

Everyone's a winner

Well done, you two


Talking about the Fire

And after the Fire

The Veranda of the Kegelbahn was a popular Spot

A Brassband Interlude

you must be kidding

Watching the Tower of Terror


Here I Come

No (age) Limits

A Contest always attracts an audience

The Face-Painting Tent

In the "Animals on the Move" Enclosure

Good bye and Farewell, we had a great time