Stitch-a-thon 2008

The Templer Journey Fabric of Society Wall-hanging is really taking shape. The project is in its fourth year now and nearing completion. The dedicated team is working up to three days a week to get this historic work of art finished. It will be priceless when it is done and hopefully a treasure to be enjoyed by many future generations and by all those who added a stitch or two along the way!

The Wall-hanging tells the story of the Templers over their turbulent 150 year history; depicting the highlights of a religious journey across five continents and straddling three centuries. Starting in Kirschenhardthof, Southern Germany, the Friends of Jerusalem began their mission to prepare for the establishment of the Kingdom of God in the Holy Land, when they formed the Temple Society in 1861. Repeatedly uprooted on their journey and displaced by wars, part of the group ended up in Australia as the 'Temple Society Australia'.

We gratefully acknowledge the funding support of this project by the City of Knox.