Launch of the Templer Journey Tapestry and its Companion Book "An Embroidered History"

Close to two hundred people experienced what could well be a once in a life-time event in the Templer Chapel in Bayswater: the unveiling of the completed, five year triptych project, the Templer Journey Tapestry, Fabric of Society.  Leading up to the unique launch there were speeches and acknowledgments and there was music and singing; there were reminiscences and reflections, Templer history and a bit of Templer Philosophy.

James Merlino MP (State minister for Sport, Recreation, Youth Affairs and assisting the Premier on Multicultural Issues) conducted the Launch sequence, assisted in the unveiling of the Tapestry by Gisela Sawatzky and Erika Herrmann. It was a dramatic climax, followed closely by the launch of the Companion publication Book by the Representative from the City of Knox, Cr Adam Gill 

A short video prepared by Friedrich and Gisela Sawatzky gave glimpses of the scope of the work (and the workers) involved in the making of the Triptych Tapestry. A fascinating documentary of the challenges of the project.

In her concluding remarks Dr Irene Bouzo invited everyone to partake in refreshments and relaxed Swabian Gemütlichkeit in the adjoining Bayswater Hall.

A wintery vision of the Bayswater Community Car Park

Templers and Friends

Greetings and Hellos

a musical Prelude

Welcome by the Templer President

Welcome by the Regional Head

James Merlina MP

Tapestry Launch

Master of Ceremony

City of Knox Representative, a major sponsor of the project

Launch of the Companion Book

Helga, The Project Manager

The two Pianists



Now for the Refreshments

tables with real refreshments

Coffee anyone

Manfred & Anne admiring the Companion publication

Admiring the Details

Look at this

triptych set-up under the Templer T