The Templer Journey Tapestry

Early in 2004 the Bayswater Boronia Templer Community applied to the Knox City Council for a three year project Grant, to facilitate the design and construction of a wall hanging for the Chapel which will involve the residents of the City of Knox in general and Templers and residents of the Tabulam and Templer Home for the Aged specifically. The Project was approved and an agreement was signed with the City of Knox on 1 April 2004. The name of the wall hanging chosen was The Templer Journey -- Fabric of Society, and the project is known as: Textile Mural Depicting Templer History in City of Knox.

At a public progress meeting in the Templer Chapel on the evening of 20 October the project committee gave a report on developments to the dignitaries and guests and had some interesting displays on show of completed sections from the three-panel tapestry. Below are some pictures taken at that meeting.