20 June 2011 Friends of Kurth Kiln Re-vegetation Day

With the help of the Gembrook Primary School, Grades 3 & 4 A, B and C Students

At nine o'clock sharp the teachers arrived and parents started to drop of their kids for the activity day at Kurth Kiln, Kurth Kiln Regional Park. The weather forecast was for cold and windy conditions with showers developing later. As it turned out it was a good day and the rain held off until late that night. We got the work done, had a barbeque lunch, went for a bushwalk and listen to some speeches (Kate Drummond form Melbourne Water talked about the connectedness of all the Vixtorian waterways) and generally had a good time until the kids were picked up again by their parents about 3:30pm.

Below are a few pictures taken on the day.

Henriette, Ranger Andrew Musgrove and Teachers

Assembly in Front of Kiln

Program for the Day

On Site Instructions

Demonstration how its dione

Sleeves artistically decorated by the Students beforehand

OK, go for it

I got it, I got it

Careful now

The President is keeping a careful Eye on it

Its a hype of Activities

Beautifully personalised Plastic Sleeves

on the Bushwalk

Crossing Tomahawk Creek on the Thornton Bridge

Time for the Barbeque Lunch

Experimenting with Charcoal

a Sausage or a Vegiburger

Hallo Kate Drummond from Melbourne Water

Thats Right

attentive Audience

34A receiving Certificate of Appreciation from Henriette

34B receiving Certificate of Appreciation

34C receiving Certificate of Appreciation from Henrietter

Melbourne Water Hand-outs

Charcoal Artwork

Count-off after the Bushwalk

Project completed

beautifully done

Combined Photo in front of the Kiln

Games while waiting for the Parents to pick uo their kids