Kurth Kiln Heritage Festival 2012

Sunday 15 April was the day for this year's festival. As usual we worried about the weather, the dignitaries, the volunteers, the wasps, but in the end everything came together and it turned out a perfect weekend. The Stagecoach Robbery and Rides was a terrific new idea that everone enjoyed. The historic Kurth Kiln re-enacted theatre play was also a great new inovation

The Friends of Kurth Kiln thank all participants of the festival, the dignitaries, the groups, the volunteers, the visitors, for their willingness and the time and effort given to make the 2010 festival a success. This annual Festival (which has won the Cardinia Shire 2004 Festival of the Year Award) is our major contribution to promote greater public awareness of the unique Cultural Heritage of the Kurth Kiln site.

Below are a series of photos taken over the weekend.


Thanks, Andy and Ray

Parks Victoria

Face Painting

Popular Ice Cream Van

Kurth Kiln Display

The Morey's Machinery

George Millman

the Huskies

Red Cross Store


The Constables

Coach Rides

This is a Robbery

The Crowd loved it

Constables Chasing

Beauriful Horses

Look-out, he has a gun

Rough Justice

Thank You, and well done

All Smiles

The "Weathered Heads" Band

Ted Hudson, our Blacksmith

Gembrook Craft Group Display

The Huesmanns

Shingle Making

Judy discussing the Play with the Actors


The Play on Kurth Kiln

Jim's Radio Club

Ralph lending Andy a hand

Red Cross Refreshments

Henriette, Jasper and Steve

The Swinburne Tent



Watching the Shearer

Vernon and the U3A Poster

Vivien from Mary Knoll Nurseries

Cardinia Environment Coalition Stand

The Yellingbo CFA dropped in