Kurth Kiln Heritage Festival 2013

Sunday 14 April was the day for this year's festival. Rain had been forecast but, even to our surprise, the sun came out and apart for a little occasional drizzle the rain held off until about 4:30pm, when some of our stalwards got wet stowing the gear away. It was a good day, with some 400 people attending. The Cardinia Landcare group brought their horses and the colourful coach and gave rides to the kids all day long. Thanks Henriettë for organising it. Cordoning off the area where the coach robbery took place made it a safer and more enjoyable event (except perhaps for the poor coachdriver and guard, who got manhandled and robbed to the delight of the onlookers. But of course the constables saved the day! The electricity generator broke down after lunch and made things a bit hectic for the Red Cross Food Tent and the blacksmith, who ran out of puff for his forge. But all in all, it was a good day.

The Friends of Kurth Kiln thank all participants of the festival, the dignitaries, the groups, the volunteers, the visitors, for their willingness and the time and effort given to make the 2013 festival a success. Special thank-yous to the Mayor of Cardinia, Cr Brett Owen for officiating at the Official Opening of the Festival and to Jacqui Rutten for her beautiful rendition of "Amazing Grace" and to Ian Vaskess and his Blue-Grass Band. It really provided the festive atmosphere. Our 2013 Heritage Festival was supported with a generous grant from the Cardinia Shire Council. The Festival is one of our major contribution in promoting greater public awareness of the unique Cultural Heritage of the Kurth Kiln site in the Cardinia Shire.

Below are a series of photos taken over the festival weekend.


A woman's touch and broom and dustcloth work wonders

Raewyn making it safer

Craig positions the speakers

Thanks Tony

Jacqui sets the mood with "Amazing Grace"

Ranger Andy opens the proceedings

Fran is our Master of Ceremony

Cr Brett Owen, Mayor Cardinia Shire, officiates the Official Opening

Ian Vaskess and his Blue-Grass Band

Helpingto turn the pages

Brad Battin MP poses with the Yellingbo Fire Brigade

That's how it is done

Budding Firemen

You must be kidding?

Stand and Deliver!

Watch out for the Constables

Poor Coachmen, but the crows loved it

Janine, this is serious

All's well that ends well

George keeps an eye on the crowd

Barbara spinning a yarn

Look at that assortment

Ted Hudson demonstrating his craft

One of the many Display Stands

A Pony or a donkey, a ride is a ride

the Huski race is also a popular event

Mark and Mayor visiting the Huskies

Ian sharing a joke with Ralph

girls love it too

Henrieytte keeps the tabs. There is a serious side to all this

RIC Greg Young is there, too

and his imaculate restored truck

Ralph got our busy president Glen to sit down for a few minutes

A welocme donation from a popular man

Looks delicious

All in good fun, Jan and Bev

Cr Brett Owen and Max posing with local artist Sue Jarvis

The Morey's Machinery Display

visiting our Clairvoyant Judy-Ann

What's wrong with the Generator?

Vivien from Maryknoll Nurseries

The Woodcutters make a good show

The Sheepshearer was very popular

All the time the Red Cross provided a selection of delicious food and drinks