Fencing and Re-vegetating the Boundaries of the Thornton Bridge Picnic / Camping Ground

Down by the Tomahawk Creek, at the top of the Scout Track Loop, a Picnic and Camping Ground area had turned in a quagmire by indiscriminate and inappropriate overuse and become unfit for use during the wetter month of the year.  The proposal was to install drains, define the limits of the grounds with post and wire fencing and restrict access by horses to the creek. Revegetation of the damaged areas required some 700 native seedlings Following an inspection of the site by Melbourne Water our Funding Grant Application was approved. 

The fencing was completed over a period of three hectic weeks with the help of Parks Victoria, just in time for the date set with the Gembrook State Primary School for Students of Grades 5/6 to come to Kurth Kiln and help with the re-vegetation. All went well; almost all the plants were planted, staked and watered and everyone had a good time, with a barbeque lunch and a guided tour afterwards. Certificated of Appreciation were presented to both groups.

Our thanks to the students, the teachers and parents; to Vivien Clarke from Maryknoll Nurseries for selecting a range of suitable plants, to Parks Victoria for their efficient support and, of course, to Melbourne Water for funding the project. Appropriate acknowledgement signs have been erected on site.        

Pegging out

Hard Work

There are easier ways

experts at work

Hammering Star Pickets

checking the Plants for suitability

Stringing the wire

The Fence is taking Shape

Project Managers

a short Introduction to the Art of Planting

Students at Work

we are glad it is not raining

Many Hands make for early finish

now for some fun

Watering to make it graow

going for a Bushwalk

The Finishing Touch

It is Done