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Our Australian Heritage

This page was created in an attempt to promote greater public awareness of the Temple Society Australia's cultural achievements and the Templer way to record creativity.

Helmut Ruff's reflections on the first Templer shipment to Australia and their six year internment camp-life in Tatura

Reflection on the Templer Tatura Period, collected and collated by Minni Haering, Heidi Vollmer and Resi Schwarzbauer - a subcommittee of the Bayswater-Boronia Templer Community Committee in 2001.

A 40 page A5 booklet celebrating 50 years of publication of this monthly journal in the Bayswater Hall on 24-08-1996.
Historic reflections on the journal and its editors.

The first Jugendgruppe (JG) supplement appeared with the Rundschreiben in
December 1951; it was continuously printed every month and was supported
by the young people from all sides.

Individual Communities used to be the hall-mark of the Temple Society. Was this the first step of breaking with that tradition? A booklet about the Bayswater / Boronia Amalgamation celebration in the Bayswater hall on 26 October 1995.

"Heritage is a living force within and around us, guiding our present into the future. By our attitude to heritage we identify ourselves, and are identified by others."

A last ditch effort to gather support for the Boronia Hall and avoid the disposal of this historic structure, the very first community building created by the early Templers in Boronia. A pdf from a comprehensive PowerPoint presentation

It was a sad occasion, but also a momentuous event. The Temple Society President, Peter Lange, came and sounded the Boronis Bell for the last time. There were many speeches, but the die had been cast and a sombre atmosphere prevailed. A historic part of our cultural heritage has been abandoned and lost.
Reflections by Hans Hornung

The rugged Mt Buller Ranges provided the backdrop for our year 2000 TSA Religious Seminar. It is always a pleasure when you can combine enjoyment of a natural environment with good food and stimulating conversation. Our theme was “The Kingdom of God today”. After 2000 years, are we getting closer to the ideal? What do we see as its modern meaning? -

Opening the New Chapel in Bayswater was a joyous occasion on 10 November 2002. This small, 28 page booklet captures some of the spirit. A series of pictures.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are here this afternoon to express our thanks to our retiring president, Dieter Ruff, for the many years of service to our Temple Society. - You may be aware that the present year, 2001, has been dedicated to the volunteer. To me this seems very appropriate, as Dieter was one of our greatest volunteers, a shining example to all of us.
Helmut Ruff, Master of Ceremonies on this occasion in the Bentleigh Hall

A statement of Identity, Faith and Practical Concern

Dieter Ruff's Memorial Service, 1 December 2004 in Bayswater - Wenn einer dem andern die Hand reicht, oeffnet sich das Tor zu Gottes Reich. (Dieter Ruff Spruch)

"the Good Old Days". A 40 page booklet was created to commeroate the event 30 October 1998.


Some thoughts on long-term planning for the TSA by the TS 2000 Facilities
view Committee, and statistics on Australian Templer distribution. May 1995

Open discussions on the Application of Religion in Life, 29 September 1996 in the Bentleigh Hall. A 36 page reflection on the talks presented.
The theme was expanded on in the Boronia Hall on 19 January 1997 and a separate booklet produced.

A lovely memento of the Ladies Advent Celebration in the Bayswater Hall, December 2000

An Embroidered History of the Templer Journey, and its Companion Book, created by the TSA with the support of Knox City Council and the Victorian Government. Here is a series of pictures from the Opening and Book Launch on Saturday 29 August 2009. Click on the "Fabric of Society" hyperlink for our early attempt at the Companion Book. The finished products is available from the TSA Office for $35.

A 2011 TSA publication to celebrate 150 years of the Templer movement. An annalysis of its religious evolution: C Hoffmann, with his "almost fanatical fervour" at the time challenging the rationalistic thinker D F Strauss (the Richard Dawkins of the time), and a 2011 senior Templer Elder saying "...we would have voted Strauss". It almost begs the conclusion: 'in the 200 Jubilee publication, a 2061 senior Templer Elder will be saying, "we would have voted Dawkins".

A collection of Templer Saal and Services held by Elder Alfred Klink in Bayswater, Bentleigh and Boronia over the ten year periods from 1996 to 2006.



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