A unique Portable Charcoal Kiln in Tonimbuk

The Site of the kiln is directly on Tonimbuk Road and exposed to all the through traffic in Bunyip State Park along this Road.
By highlighting the Site with a protective Fence and by installing an Interpretation Board, Tourists and Visitors can learn more about the cultural History of the area. The Steel Kiln is of a unique construction and one of only two known Portable Kilns used
On-site in the local Forests. While its history is not fully known it is hoped through such public exposure more of its uses and manufacturing details may come to light. Here is an arrangement of pictures from the Project
The Kiln is listed in the Cardinia Shire Heritage Study and on the Victorian Heritage Register in the Category “Forest and Timber Industry”. The Minark Heritage Victoria database describes this kiln as “of high scientific and Historical significance.
Steps towards its preservation and proper identification are in the public interest

The Tonimbuk Kiln

Note the irregular openings in the roof

With John for size