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 Steps  of the Tempel
 The Tempel (Chapel)  Grand Opening Festivity
 Otto Lobert Wing (TTHA) Grand Opening Celebration
2004 Dietrich Ruff Funeral, Wednesday 1 December 2004
2005 Sommerfest 2005
 "Sarone"  Booklaunch in Bentleigh
  Choir Concert 30 July in Bayswater
 Bell Antics...
 Eltham East Primary School Choir Concert
 Templer Journey  Tapestry - progress meeting 
Farewell to: Hiltrud Barfus; Gerhard Wagner; Heinz Arndt 
2007 Templer Sommerfest
  Sarona Open Day in Tel Aviv 
  2007 Confirmation Excursion
  2007 Country Victoria Service in Tynong
  Helga's Farewell Function
  2007 Eltham East Primary School Choir in the Chapel
  Bushwalk in Kurth Kiln Regional Park
  German Day at the Melbourne Immigration Museum
  2007 Community Christmas in Bayswater
	Farewell to Fritz Kroh
	Book Launch in Bayswater:  Shattered Dreams...
2008 Sommerfest 2008
	Easter in Bayswater
	Stitch-a-thon in Bayswater
  	Warrina Opening Celebration
  	Musical Afternoon in the Chapel
  	2008 Presentation in the Chapel
  	2008 Community Christmas in Bayswater
  	Farewell to Albrecht Kazenwadel
  	Sommerfest 2009
  	Wheely Fun Day 2009
	Farewell to  Hans Pisch
	Fabric  of Society Tapestry & Book Launch
2009 Community Christmas Bayswater
	Hans & Gretl Hornung Golden Wedding Celebration 
2010  Sommerfest 2010
	2010 Bayswater Community Christmas Celebration 
 	Farewell to Friedrich Sawatzky 
2012 TSA Volunteer Celebration, 2 June 2012 in Bentleigh
	Meta Beilharz Memorial Service 13 July 2012 in Bayswater
President Dr Rolf Beilharz Farewell 15 September in Bayswater
Memorial Service for Oskar Krockenberger, 15 November in Bayswater
2013 Funeral Service Barbara Sawatzky, Heritage Funerals Wantirna

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